Why Join IIHP

You become the people you spend time with, so choose your associates carefully.

We at IIHP believe that joining IIHP can be your most important step towards rise and progress in the profession and society, because -

IIHP is the biggest association of INSTITUTIONALLY QUALIFIED homoeopaths.

IIHP was founded by Padmshree Dr K G Saxena.

IIHP has 3 more Padmshrees conferred to its members.

This speaks about the quality of its members.

IIHP is the only association recognized by LIGA to be worthy of its associate membership.

IIHP is the largest organization of Institutionally Qualified Homoeopaths and has nationwide presence.

IIHP Initiated the efforts and helped in establishment of several govt. bodies viz.

  • Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia Committee
  • Central Council of Homoeopathy
  • Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy
  • National Institute of Homoeopathy
  • Central Drug laboratory, etc.

Now IIHP has been instrumental in establishing an AIIMS like institute for homoeopathy at Delhi.

The most important aspect of IIHP is the sharing and feeling of family like bond among its members but to really feel that feeling you must be active in the organization.

Join Us

  • if you believe that you are joining the best people in the profession.
  • that you will get an opportunity to meet great people - personally, learn with or through them and rise professionally and socially.
  • that you will be known by the company you keep.
  • if you are interested in your welfare through that of others .
  • if you are willing to work for the common goal of betterment of homoeopathy and thus that of homoeopaths.
  • No association, seminar or teacher can help you earn more money but it does have a catalytic effect on you by giving you a platform to pick up what is important for your growth - professionally, socially and, of course, financially.