How to Make & Run District Unit

There are many things that you can do as an individual but you are more likely to do it better if done collectively. If there are 5-6 likeminded people around you can indulge n activities like group discussions, sharing individual experiences etc but you can make it better by increasing the size of your group and with that giving proper designation to what a particular person will do in a group.

A properly formed group is needed to represent your views, ideas, problems and solutions with the other professionals, group of professionals -associations, media or administration. With this comes the idea of a district unit. A district unit is the base unit of IIHP which works at the local level.

All the IIHP members of a district can take part in the formation of a district unit. Essentially a District Executive Committee can be formed with a minimum of 11 members but it is better if you have some 20+ members in a district unit.

The members who have paid their membership fee [up to date] can participate in election process. The process will lead to the election of following 11 member District Executive Committee.

  • 1- President
  • 1- Vice President
  • 1- Secretary
  • 1- Jt Secretary
  • 1- Treasurer
  • 6 - Executive members

This 11 member executive committee will take decisions about day to day affairs of the unit in tune with the constitution of the organization. In case of doubt you can consult your Sate Secretary or Secretary General for guidance.

The district unit will be involved in pursuing following activities.
  • Monthly meetings
  • Medical Camps
  • Awareness Campaigns about Homoeopathy
  • CME
  • Seminars
  • Member's get-togethers or dinners/outings
  • Celebrating special days as mentioned by WHO
  • Celebrating Hahnemann Day = World Homoeopathy Day