IIHP International

IIHP at the International arena

The members of the Institute are regular contributors at various International forums concerning academic studies, Research and public health. The Institute had the honor of representing at International conclave during epidemics concerning whole world.

There was a "World medical conference" at Paris on 19th November 2005.Prof.(Dr.) N. Mohanty, the National president of that period was invited by the organizers to present a paper on "Homoeopathy in the treatment of Avian flu". The presentation was appreciated by World Homoeopathic community.World Homoeopathy Community gave due importance to I.I.H.P. and kept as one of its organizers out of five organizations such as :-

European council for Homoeopathy (ECH)

Dr. Michel Van Wassenhoven
(Research coordinator)

American Institute of Homoeopathy (AIH)

Dr. Joyce Frye

Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians (IIHP)

Dr. Niranjan Mohanty
( National President)

International Foundation for Clinical Homoeopathy (IFCH)

Dr. Marie France Bordet
IIHP & Liga MedicorumHomoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)

With an initiative to promote International Co-operation in spreading Homoeopathic treatment among masses the Institute has become the first Institutional Member in LMHI. Many of our senior members of the Institute are regularly attending LMHI Conferences in various parts of the world and are regular paper presenters. LMHI has always appreciated our role in development of Homoeopathy. LMHI has proposed to have an international joint Co-operation in the Scientific field and also in Disaster management. Accordingly IIHP has entered in to a Memorandum of Understanding with LMHI during IIHP’s 24th National Homoeopathic Congress at Nagpur held on 13th and 14th February 2016. The heads of the both organization signed the MOU in presence of large number of delegates.

IIHP is also negotiating to enter in to a Memorandum of Understanding with University Minnesota USA based organization “ International Organization for Rare Diseases (IORD)” to study the efficacy of Homoeopathy in treating rare diseases.