IIHP Special Interest Groups

With its vast human resources IIHP is able to help institutions form guidelines and protocols regarding homeopathic practices and procedures. IIHP has been representing to different government and other bodies to help form policies regarding homeopathy. Since inception we have been instrumental in getting homeopathy recognition at national level, advice govt to form various bodies for the better functioning of homeopathic profession and system. For more details regarding achievements of IIHP please visit the page http://www.iihp.in/achievements.html

To make homoeopathy more effective we have been taking help of our different expert groups. These expert groups have been helpful in establishing and running homoeopathy in different countries of the world. We have formed alliances with different associations for the spread and improvement of homeopathy the world over. Please visit the page http://www.iihp.in/iihp-international.html to know more about how IIHP is helping in spread and quality improvement of homoeopathy across the globe.

We are in the process of electing/selecting/formulating persons and committees to grace this page.

Here is a brief overview of our expert groups that have been instrumental in helping IIHP achieve its aims and objectives.

  • 1. Medical Specialists
  • 2. Industry Experts
  • 3. Academicians
  • 4. Bureaucrats



Sports Medicine


There are many doctors and industrialists who are associated with IIHP and their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry gives IIHP ability to voice concern about issues pertaining to the homoeopathic industry.


IIHP is very rich in having a plethora of teachers and academicians as its members. Their experience and knowledge is the edge with which IIHP is shaping the homoeopathic education by giving representations and advices to Govt regarding homeopathic education.

IIHP with a view to improve and supplement the current homoeopathic education is pursuing a great programme under the aegis of National Homoeopathic Mission – To know more about this mission and its activities and achievements kindly visit the page


Many IIHPians grace the various govt posts in different categories and are an asset in framing policy related advices at IIHP